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About the Program

Students hike on an outcrop in Idaho

Faculty Research

Merlin White and Mike McCormick near stream

Professor Merlin White studies fungal molecular systematics.

The foundation of any excellent Ph.D program is its faculty. With a wide range of research as well as skills, knowledge, and passion, the professors in the EEB program provide diversity and depth to the coursework of the program.

Together, this diverse group of faculty create the notable strengths of the program, which include raptor biology, chemical ecology, plant evolution and diversity, biogeochemistry, human behavioral ecology, global change biology, conservation biology, and human-environment systems. Participation of scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center (a federal research agency located on the Boise State campus) and The Peregrine Fund, (a non-profit organization located in Boise) create a collaborative and diverse environment for student training and a broad perspective about career paths for graduates.

Neil Carter, professor in the Human Environment Systems program, with a sedated lion while studying large predators in Africa.

Neil Carter, professor in the Human-Environment Systems program, with a sedated lion while studying large predators in Africa.

Over the past 9 years EEB faculty at Boise State have been awarded more than $10 million in extramural research funds. These faculty-led efforts have contributed significantly to expanding the research portfolio at Boise State. Extramural awards have come from multiple, competitive funding agencies (e.g. NSF, USDA, NIH, BLM, Forest Service, National Park Service, DOD, EPA, etc.), and have supported both interdisciplinary and disciplinary research.

Additionally, EEB faculty have a strong international presence, publishing work and researching all over the globe. They have collaborated with scientists around the world including partners in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Colombia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Madagascar, New Zealand and more.

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Courses and Curriculum

The rigorous and exciting coursework in this program prepares scientists to use interdisciplinary theories to examine complex ecological questions from biological, physical, and social science perspectives. We are dedicated to offering a variety of classes that incorporate important concepts from different fields to provide a comprehensive and immersive education to our students.