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Faculty Researchers

Professor Julie Heath and student conduct test

The faculty in the EEB program come from many different backgrounds and areas of study, providing students with a diverse and knowledgeable team of experts to learn from and work with.

NameResearch AreasDepartmentContactAccepting Students?
Jesse BarberSensory ecology, animal behavior, conservation biologyBiology
Marc BechardRaptor biology and ecology; habitat use in raptorsBiology
Jim BelthoffBehavioral ecology, animal behavior, and avian biologyBiology
Raptor Biology MS students
Sven BuerkiGenomics, evolutionary plant biology, bioinformatics Biologysvenbuerki@boisestate.eduYes* Learn More
Trevor CaughlinSeed dispersal, ecological restoration and landowner decision-makingBiologytrevorcaughlin@boisestate.eduYes*
Jay CarlisleAvian migration and physiological ecologyBiology jaycarlisle@boisestate.eduYes*
Sarah DalrympleBehavioral Ecology,
Marie-Anne de GraaffPlant/Soil interactions in terrestrial ecosystemsBiology marie-annedegraaff@boisestate.eduYes* Learn More
Kevin FerisMicrobial community ecology; carbon and nitrogen cycling in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, algae biofuels, bioremediation studiesBiology kevinferis@boisestate.eduYes*
Jennifer ForbeyPhysiological, chemical and pharmacological ecologyBiology
Yes* Learn More
Eric HaydenRNA evolution, biomedical & biotechnical moleculesBiology
Julie Heathornithology, physiology, conservation, global change biologyBiology
Peter KoetsierAquatic ecology; lotic macroinvertebrate ecologyBiology
Steve NovakPlant evolutionary biology; introduced speciesBiology
Ian RobertsonInsect behavior and ecology; plant-insect interactionsBiology
Marcelo SerpePlant biochemistry and physiologyBiology
James SmithPlant molecular systematics, phylogenetic analyses, speciation, plant evolutionBiology
Yes* Learn More
Amy UlappaAnimal Physiology, Comparative Anatomy, Animal Nutrition, General Biology III Ecology and
Merlin WhiteFungal molecular systematics, arthropod-associated fungiBiology
Jodi BrandtLand use science, remote sensing, conservation biologyHuman-Environment
Vicken HillisEnvironmental behavior, cultural evolution, cooperationHuman-Environment
Neil CarterSocio-environmental systemsHuman-Environment
Kathryn DempsCultural evolution, behavioral and evolutionary
Christopher HillGeoarchaeology, paleontology, conservation
Mark PlewArchaeology of Western North
Kristin SnopkowskiHuman behavioral ecology, evolutionary demographyAnthropologykristinsnopkowski@
Yes* Learn More
Pei-Lin YuPaleoclimate and cultural evolution, cultural heritage, resiliency, food security, climate
John ZikerHuman behavioral ecology, cooperation, reproductive ecology,
Shawn BennerEcohydrology,
Brittany BrandEruption dynamics, sediment transport in volcanic flows, earthquake hazard information on household emergency preparednessGeosciencesbrittanybrand@boisestate.eduYes*
Alejandro FloresEcohydrology and modeling, remote
Nancy GlennRemote sensing, image analysis, geological
Matt KohnGeochemistry, petrology, and
Jen PierceGeomorphology &
Matthew GerminoPlant-soil-climate relationships; biophysical ecologyUS Geological Survey208 426 3353Yes*
Todd KatznerConservation biology, ornithology, mammalogyUS Geological Survey208-426-5232Not currently
David PilliodHerpetology, wildlife ecology, stream & fire ecologyUS Geological Survey
Douglas ShinnemanFire , landscape, restoration and, plant ecologyUS Geological Survey
David AndersonRaptor biology; ecological structure and functionThe Peregrine Fund
Chris McClureVertebrate monitoring and ecological modelingThe Peregrine Fund

*Please contact for additional information