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Seminar Series

Fall 2018

Weekly Seminar on Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Topics

Thursday’s 3:00 – 4:15 PM in Education Building 110


DateSpeaker, Affiliation, Topic of Discussion, Host
8/30/2018PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Proposal Showcase
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Student Union - Jordan A Ballroom
Biology graduate students present research proposals
9/06/2018Dr. Karen Holl, UC Santa Cruz
Title: Planting Tree Islands as a Tropical Forest Restoration Strategy: Lessons Learned
Host: Cristina Barber, PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Program
9/20/2018 Dr. Jesse Barber, Boise State University, Department of Biological Sciences
Title: The Sensory Ecology of Bat-Insect Interactions
9/27/2018Dr. Bram Tucker, University of Georgia
Title: Five Pathways to Adaptation in the Ecology of Masikoro Farmers, Mikea Foragers, and Vezo Fishers of Madagascar
Host: Karl Mertens, PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Program
10/04/2018Dr. Naomi E. Levin, University of Michigan
Title: We Weren't Alone: Understanding the Ecology of the Earliest Humans in Times of Hominin Diversity
Host: Dr. Matt Kohn, Geosciences
10/11/2018Dr. Florencia Sangermano, Clark University
Title: Geospatial Applications for Biodiversity Conservation
Host: Kate Markham, PhD Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Program
10/18/2018Dr. Vanessa Hull, University of Florida
Title: Coupled Human and Natural Systems Approaches to Wildlife Research
Host: Alex Killion, PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Program
10/25/2018Dr. Christopher Templeton, Pacific University Oregon
Title: Anti-Predator Communication in Social Flocks of Chickadees and Tits
Host: Dr. Jesse Barber, Biological Sciences
11/01/2018Dr. Allan J. Bornstein, Southeast Missouri State University
Title: Piper Potpourri: Basic Morphology and Taxonomy, Relevant History, and Plant/Insect Interactions in Puerto Rico
Host: Dr. Jim Smith, Biological Sciences
10/08/2018Dr. Helen Chmura, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Title: Keeping Time in a Warming World: Lessons from the Arctic
Host: Katie Callery, MS Raptor Biology Program
11/15/2018Dr. Jacinta C. Beehner, University of Michigan
Title: Male-mediated Pregnancy Loss Across Mammals
Host: Kayla Downs, MA Anthropology Program
11/29/2018Dr. Chris McClure, The Peregrine Fund
Title: State of the world's raptors: distributions, threats, and conservation recommendations
Host: Dr. Jesse Barber, Biological Sciences