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The Application Process

Dr Matt Kohn and student

Choosing the Right Doctoral Program

Picking the right doctoral program for you is a big decision. It’s important for the students and the faculty alike to feel like the program is a good fit and will help you reach your academic and career goals. We take the process of matching students and programs seriously, and, to help, we have a list of some tips and considerations for students considering pursuing a doctorate degree.

5 Ways to Tell if a Doctorate Program is Right for You

Finding a Mentor

Students in the EEB program will all work closely with a mentor throughout the course of their education. It’s important to find a mentor who is researching an area that is interesting to you and pertinent to what you hope to do after you graduate. The faculty in this program have a wide array of backgrounds and areas of research, offering plenty of diversity for interested students to consider. Before submitting your application, it’s important to review the list of faculty researchers and select a couple of different labs you may be interested in working in. Before applying, we also encourage students to reach out to professors to meet and determine if there is a good fit.

Antrhopology Professor Mark Plew and Students

Anthropology professor Mark Plew has more than thirty years of experience in archaeological and ethnographic research.

Putting Your Application Together

Professor Julie Heath and a studentThe applications for doctoral programs are extensive and for good reason. We want to ensure that the students we accept to the program are going to thrive and succeed in this environment. Because applying to these programs is no small task, we encourage our applicants to give themselves ample time to compile all of the necessary information.

Details on Application Process and Materials